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How to Soothe Sensitive Skin DIY

First of all, let’s define – what is sensitive skin?

If you regularly suffer from acne, rosacea, allergies, eczema, stinging and burning, then you have sensitive skin. Occasional redness, tightening after using beauty products, and rashes as a reaction to stress, can also be indicators that your skin needs extra treatment.

Here are some natural ways to help your skin suffer less.

Forget About Soap

  • Yes, you better do this one.
  • Most soaps are super drying and are able to turn your skin into a desert with no sign of hydration to be found.
  • Choose soap-free products and cleansers that contain oils and other nourishing components.

Beware Hot Water

  • Lukewarm water is your friend.
  • Hot water causes dryness, dehydration and deprives your skin of its natural oils.
  • Long and hot showers are extremely pleasant, but they are hardly better than smooth healthy skin, right?

Take Care Properly

  • Avoid aggressive scrubs and choose tender exfoliation.
  • Also, forget about brushes in your everyday skin cleansing routine.

Increase Protection

  • Sun is the ultimate enemy for sensitive skin.
  • It severely aggravates  any inflammation you may have.
  • Use mineral sunscreens, choose at least SPF 30 and remember to take care of your hands and neck during sunny weather as well.

Reduce the Number of Products You Use

  • Give your skin a bit of fresh air.
  • Forget about adding more and more layers (foundation, powder, etc.).
  • Instead, cut back on heavy makeup and your skin will be grateful.
  • If this sounds crazy to you now, just try to do it step by step and remove products gradually.