What is Sugaring?

Body sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal.  At Joanna Young Skin, we use the “hand held” method to apply organic sugar paste that gently removes unwanted hair and dead skin cells for clean, smooth skin. Sugar paste for hair removal dates back as far as 300 B.C. and was first discovered to have originated in Egypt. With the skin care industry becoming more health conscious and seeking more organic methods for healthier skin, the sugaring method for hair removal has gained increased popularity. It is 100% natural and organic and naturally exfoliates, being very beneficial to the skin.

We keep our sugar warm, NOT hot! Unlike wax, there is no chance of burning and never double dipping. The sugar paste melts into the hair follicle and we remove it in the direction of the hair growth. That means less pain for you. You are left with longer lasting hair removal as well as smooth glowing skin. You will notice the difference your very first time. Sugar is a gentler and safer alternative for hair removal. It is a great option for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin prone to breakouts. We also sell after care products to take home and maintain great results. Joanna and her Beauties have a very effective and quick technique.

Benefits of body sugaring

100% organic and 100% sanitary
Less painful than traditional waxing
Sugaring paste is never hot so it will never burn
Skin stays smoother, longer
Extracts shorter hairs than wax (1/8″ to 1/4″)
Significant hair reduction over time
Improves skin texture and tone


Eyebrow shaping














Lower stomach


Half leg


Full leg


Full arm


Back Chest


**We are licensed, certified, insured, professional and gentle; maintain the highest level of sanitation to ensure no cross contamination.

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