Pure Collagen Mask Facials

Drinking water is necessary for your skin – remember your skin is your biggest organ.  I am excited to offer this amazing Pure Collagen Mask Facial.  This mask will help with skin regeneration, fine lines and wrinkles, give you a hydration boost, brightening skin and complexion, prevent and correct age spots and protect against free radical damage.  Your skin will look and feel supple, hydrated, tight, bright and illuminated.  Doing this facial once a week for six weeks will have you ready for any big event.

Pure Collagen Mask Facial $160
Series of 6 $750

Custom Facial

Years of experience in the industry and always learning new techniques with many different products and tools, we are able to customize the perfect facial for each individual client. Do you feel you need help with hydration, re-balancing, acne control, anti-aging or general health and relaxation? We will customize that facial for you!

Custom Facial (1 hour) $90

Corrective Chemical Peel

Sorella corrective skin care chemicals are designed to emulate medical grade products by the use of highly refined pharmaceutical based ingredients, this peel is to help with anti-aging and pigmented skin.

Corrective Peel  $115
Corrective Peel (Series of 3)  $299

Teen Facial

Refresh congested skin with 2 cleansings, exfoliation, galvanic stimulation, light massage and mask

Teen Facial                                                                                       $85/45 min.
Microdermabrasion Facial

Diamond head mechanically used to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin from       discoloration, sun damage and marks. This facial helps thicken your collagen which gives you a younger looking complexion. You will likely see better results with a series of treatments.

Microdermabrasion                                                                          $55